Terms and Agreements

All users are considered that they have read the sales contract as soon as they perform membership operations.

Sales contract

With AlacatipriveTehotel.com, the customer is the sales contract between the customer.

Item – 1

IS The subject of this Convention is the sale of the seller to the buyer, the following qualities, and the sales price of the sale of the sales and the sale of consumers on the protection of consumers 4077 regarding the seller and delivery of the specified product; Distance contracts include the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the principles and procedures.

Item – 2



Item – 3


All members: Alacati Private Hotel Accommodation brand Alacati Private Hotele is a member of Alacatiprivatehotel.com and shopping purchasers. (Then referred to as the seller or customer).

Item – 4

Subject and Product Infixes:

Of goods / products or service; The type, quantity, brand / model, color, number, sales price and payment coin is as mentioned on the site, and these promises may vary without being notified to the receiver.

Item – 5


5.1 – The receiver declares that the fundamental qualifications of the product specified in Article 4 is read and informed all the preliminary information about the sales price and payment without the sales price and payment of the deliveries and gives the necessary confirmation in an electronic environment.

5.2 – The product of the contract is delivered to the person or organization within the time of the recipient in the time described in the former information, depending on the distance of the recipient for each product with the condition of not to hang the legal 30-day period.

5.3 – If the contract subject is to be delivered to another person or organization other than the receiver, the seller cannot be held responsible for accepting the delivery or installation to be delivered.

5.4 – The seller is responsible for delivering the product of the contract, in accordance with the quality of the product, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and if applicable to the guarantee documents and user guides.

5.5 – For the delivery of the contract, is that this Convention is approved in an electronic environment and the sales price is paid to the buyer’s preferred payment coin. For any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in bank records, the seller is considered saved from the delivery liability of the product.

5.6 – If the credit card of the buyer is not caused by the recipient’s defect of the receiver, in contrast to unauthorized people in contrast to prevailing unauthorized persons in contrast to prevailing or unlaws, the product cost or the product that has been delivered in the receiver itself or the sales agreement indicated in the buyer itself or the sales agreement. the seller must send either in the workday. In such a case, the shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

5.7 – The air opposition that prevents the force majeure reasons or transport, if the interruption of the contract is caused by exceptional conditions such as cutting of transportation, is obliged to report the status to the receiver. In this case, it can use one of the recipients to cancel the recipient order, if the contract subject has been replaced by the precipitative and / or the delivery time to the disappearance of the blocker status. If the recipient cancels the order, the seller attempts to return the credit card receipt of the recipient in 7 days and to return the relevant amount to the recipient’s account and the transaction is reported to the receiver via electronic mail. In such a situation, the recipient cannot be held responsible for delays due to the relevant bank.

5.8 – If the products that are delivered to the receiver and / or the recipient must be delivered and the products are defective or corrupted, the relevant products or products in the warranty requirements in the requirements of the necessary repair or replacement to the seller, starting the receiver side within 7 days. Shipped and shipping expenses are covered by the seller. In such a case, if the 7-day period is expired, the buyer has to take the product to the relevant service.

5.9- This Agreement gains validity after the receiver is electronically approved (after membership).

Item – 6

Right to CLAIM:

The receiver has the right to CLAIM in seven (7) days from the delivery of the contract subject to the person / organization at the address it shows. During this time to be used for Cayma, the seller is notified to the seller by fax or electronic mail and the product is 7. Unused within the framework of the provisions of the substance and the packaging is not damaged. If this right is used, 3. If the product delivered to the person or receiver is sent to the seller, the sales invoice is required to refund the sales bill with the sales invoice. In 7 days following these documents, the vendor attempts to return the product for the buyer’s credit card account in 7 days. The seller cannot be held responsible for the disruptions on the bank side of the product price. If the sales invoice is not sent to the fact that the value-added tax and other legal obligations are not refundable. The cargo cost of the product returned by the reason for Cayma is belong to the receiver. In addition, it cannot be returned products, disposable products, copied software and programs, quick deteriorated or expedient to the products passed to the products. The use of all kinds of software and programs, DVD, VCD, CDs, CDs, CDs, CDs, CDS, CDS (toner, cartridge, ribbons (toner, cartridge, strip, etc.) and Real kinds of cosmetic products, depends on the unpacked, intact and the product has not been used.

Item – 7


IS In the implementation of this Agreement, the consumer ranking delegations until the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is authorized to consumer courts at the seller’s settlement. If the order is approved electronically in the electronic environment, the buyer is deemed to accept all the provisions of this Agreement.

Delivery and return

1.Rezervation General Conditions:

On the Online Reservation menu, your choice is charged as a Turkish lira from your credit card over the total price shown.

2. Payment policy:

Credit card is required for your reservations you will perform at alacatiprivatehotel.com. The total amount of accommodation will be charged on your online booking process from your credit card you have booked.

3. Cancel policy and no-show

You need to report the reservation cancellation 15 days before the entry date to the hotel, otherwise the first night fee of the room type you have booked will be invoiced to the cancellation and remaining amount will be returned to your side. The hotel will be billed the total amount of accommodation fee at the booking cancellations made a day before the entry date.

The hotel has the right to cancel the hotel, no-check-in bookings from the date and time (the entrance time to the hotel) after 24 hours. In case of such a cancellation, the present room can be sold to other guests and the reservation holder is not returned.

If the hotel accepts the feedback from the credit card, the return return is carried out within the framework of the return conditions of the bank. The bank expense in returns belongs to the booking owner. With a reservation cancellation or changes, the hotel should be contacted in the hotel reservation department.

4. General Rules:

Check-in time at the hotel 14:00; The check-out time is 12:00 pm. If you have a late exit request, you must be contacted with a pre-front desk from your exit. If you want to keep your room after 12:00, we would like to contact the subject with the reception one day before. This service can be given to the hotel availability and 50% of your nightly room fee.

Room prices include 8% VAT and breakfast. Our hotel will be taken from your credit card to your credit card as a pre-provision or Turkish Lira, Euro and Dollars for your expenses during your stay during your entry transactions. This particular amount will be equivalent to multiplication with the number of overnight stays in our hotel.

The hotel is not accepted in domestic saviers.

The service requests you have performed during online booking operations can be carried out in accordance with the availability of our hotel.

The owner of the hotel and a reservation can make a contract in different terms, by agreement in reciprocal and written. In such a case, the conditions in the subsequent contract are valid. In terms of issues not mentioned in the additional contract, written provisions (Online booking rules and conditions) are valid here. The Turkish Law applies to the implementation of this online booking rules and conditions. Online booking Rules and Conditions Our contract can be updated.