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This information is regulation 6698 “Protection of Personal Data” 10. In accordance with the substance and is carried out within the framework of legal obligation.

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On 07.04.2016 published in the official newspaper, the protection of the Personal data in the official newspaper (the “Law”) is in the scope of the data responsible for the data in charge of the data responsible, and this adjective requires the necessary compliance studies to fulfill the obligations required by this adjective.

https: // You are notified to our company to receive services / products to provide our company or provide the personal data provided by various channels with various channels.

Your personal data will be maintained by our company within the framework of this Law and will be processed within the framework of the approval you have given. We would like to mention that; Your personal data will be able to provide you with a better service experience to you, to accomplish marketing, promotional communications for our products and services, to collect and compile and compile and improve commercial activities and develop trade activities. is keeping the customer information kept private and this information is not shared with third parties. All employees undertake to protect the privacy of the information they obtain while performing their duties and to use the information in accordance with the legislation only and their professional duties.

Personal information on your part, name, soad, t.c. credentials such as identification numbers, family status information, account information, IP, phone and address information, sound etc. It refers to all kinds of information that will enable you to be determined.

Your personal data may be legally transferred to the national and international authorities / authorities, administrative and official authorities, the national and international authorities, which predicted national and international regulations, national and international legislation and contracts will be transferred to independent audit companies and third parties within the framework of legal obligations.

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Https:// is “Cookie” except for the original information that has been sent to you in “Cookie” uses “Cookie” to facilitate the use of this website. Thus, when you return to our website, it is possible to provide you better service. “Cookie” is that the web pages to recognize continuous users and allow users to facilitate their entries to the site and allow the users to collect and enhance the contents of the sites and to enhance the contents of the users and there are small text files stored there.

“Cookie” is used to suit your needs and interests and to give you the original service or information. The session audit information available in the “cookie” will make you live your website easier and faster as your web experience will be able to live with the best conditions. “Cookie” on our website does not store and disclose personal information. The information transferred by Cookies is not used for any promotion or marketing purpose. Alacati Private Hotel web pages follow usage usefulness and effectiveness of our site via Cookies. However, this information is absolutely sold to third parties or not shared with them. By making the necessary adjustments to your Internet browser in your internet browser, you can delete the previously installed “cookie” as you can block the “cookie” as well as you can block or remove your browser during the installation.

However, we would like to emphasize that the Cookies may be necessary to ensure that our website can work properly and make certain functions. Using this site, you agree that you will be connected to this Alacati Private Hotel Privacy Statement. Alacati Private Hotel reserves this Privacy Statement, altering with its own will, taking some parts or add new sections. After changes to this Privacy Statement, the continuation of the Web page is the commitment to agree to the changes in this Privacy Statement.

The law of the time you wish 11. You can use the rights of the following by contacting our company with the data responsible within the scope of the item. Accordingly, our personal data processed customers;

– Learning whether personal data owned by self-processing,

– If there are personal data processed, requesting information on them,

– Learning that personal data is the purpose of processing and that these data is used for purpose,

– Knowing the third parties that personal data is transferred, correcting the errors in their personal data and requesting this correction of this correction from the third person, if transmitted,

– Requesting this data to be deleted, destroying or anonymous if transferring the reasons that require the processing of personal data, and if transferred is transmitted to the third party transmitted,

– Don’t appeal to a negative result of the person as a result of the processed data,

– In contrast to the law, they have the right to demand the damage in the form of law in the form of laws.

You can send these demands above at [email protected]

You can review our Rules and Conditions here and you can edit your personal data that you have given us after making membership input.

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